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Grant succeeded. Commit full. New sys position for dataguard SYSDG and it is feasible to grant the SYSDG-Privilege to a User with the intention to perform Data Guard-associated Operations. Yes it is possible to move the datafiles in manufacturing also. In 12c it is possible to cascade a Standby Database in Real-Time, ie. Standby Database can ship Redo from the Standby RedoLogs to the cascaded Standby Database. Issue: When attempting to begin the 12c Database on Solaris 11, we hit the below error. A primary create the required user and create the required objects in your Oracle Database which is internet hosting the Metadata Repository on your Oracle Forms & Reports 12c installation. Now it's important to create a brand new Data Source within the Oracle WebLogic Server which is used on your Oracle Forms & Reports 12c environment. The info Guard Broker now supports Cascaded Standby Databases, too. This can even be used to maneuver Datafiles from or to ASM, It is in standby what about manufacturing?

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